456 : Epic Survival Game

456 : Epic Survival Game - You run when the lights are green; you stop when they turn red. You can obtain 46 billion won. Is it true that you have searched for a significant prize? Let the game begin.

Become player number 456 in 456 : Epic Survival Game

Squid Game has taken over the world in less than a month. More significantly, the program is breaking down barriers in worldwide entertainment and promoting Korean presence in the mainstream. The show follows Seong Gi-hun, a guy who is down on his luck and in debt to lenders. He is also the player who wears the number 456.

At the center of Squid Game, 456 participants battle for 45.6 billion won, with any losers forfeiting their life. Gi-hun chose to leave the tournament after seeing the difficulty of the first round, but when he goes to court, no one believes his claim. He eventually decides to return to the game and compete for the billion-dollar award. Nevertheless, getting there was a long and risky trip, and Gi-hun nearly won't take it. Game 456 : Epic Survival Game puts you in the role of player 456 - who won in the end in the movie - taking part in a survival challenge inspired by the movie.

 456 : Epic Survival Game is easy.

Allow the doll to say, "Green light!" While it is still facing away from the players, this should be done. When the doll announces "Green light," the gamers should start running towards it. Before saying "Red light," the doll should give the players a few seconds to move. You should travel hurriedly, but not too quickly, or you will not be able to stop in time at a "red light."

The purpose of the game is to get to your destination, thus you must strike a balance between traveling swiftly and being able to stop quickly. The giant doll will find for anyone who is still moving on the "red light". All players must freeze immediately when it shouts, "Red light". You won't stand any chance of luck because the doll's eyes have electronic devices installed.

Return players who moved on the "red light" to the start position. Moving on to a "red light" results in a return to the starting line, wiping out any achievements made. That is why the game strikes a delicate balance between going speedily enough to gain progress and slowly enough to suddenly halt. The director decides whether or not someone is moving. This will happen multiple times throughout the game. Anyone who moves on "Red light" gets returned to the starting line. The first participant to reach the traffic officer wins, and the game is over. Other activities might be performed instead of running. The caller may direct that the player's hop, skip, crawl, or jump toward him or her. They can also perform movements such as running backward or sideways.

The key to winning 456 : Epic Survival Game is to maneuver smoothly so that you really can quickly stop until you are within range of the speaker. Make sure everyone understands the rules and what happens if they move on a Red Light before you start playing. Whenever you win or lose, players will have a good time playing this hard yet easy game. The 3D visuals will satisfy your eyes; moving the character is very simple, and there are various levels for you to attempt. Invite your friends to participate in the game. To solve all of the problems in this game, you will require skill and patience. Don't be too fast, or you'll pay the price by losing and restarting over.

How to play 456 : Epic Survival Game

Use Mouse or Keyboard to move quickly

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