456 impostor

Play 456 impostor - Assume the role of the impostor and successfully escape. Take a good look around and don't let on that you're looking. Win by collecting as many coins as you can.

Welcome to this game. Here you are an impostor. You are the blue impostor and are hiding among the pink soldiers. Difficult challenges are ahead waiting for you to conquer.

Along the way, you will collect a lot of gold coins. But be careful because the pink soldiers are everywhere. You have to jump up and over them.

456 impostor is exciting.

There are hundreds of levels for you to explore. The latter the difficulty will be higher. You will have to move fast and smartly climb to overcome many types of traps such as laser traps, lava traps, ice traps... Your task will be to collect as much money as possible. If you are caught by the pink soldiers or fall into a trap, you will lose.

This game is completely free and suitable for all ages. This is a fun and engaging game. It can be played on any device. The funny sounds will help you forget the fatigue after a day of studying and working.

How to play 456 impostor

Use WASD or navigation keys to control the character.

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