Dalgona Memory

Play Dalgona Memory - Open the lid of the candy tray to find the matching shapes. You need to complete the task in the shortest time. This game challenges your memory and perseverance. Can you get your name in our rankings?

This is a game that challenges your memory. If you are a person with a good memory, you will easily pass this game. But if memory isn't your forte, don't worry, we have levels from easy to hard for you to choose from. This is an educational game for kids and adults that trains memory, attention, and concentration.

Dalgona Memory is suitable for all ages.

It is important to develop that memory and perseverance from an early age. The game is most effectively designed to do just that. The image is clear and uncluttered, there are many levels to choose from. This helps to train your memory better.

The game rules are very simple. In this game, you just need to find two candy trays with identical pictures and open them in the same turn. The image in the trays is simulated the honeycomb-cutting game in the movie Squid Game. If the pictures on the two candy trays do not match, the trays are covered and you need to remember where the lids you opened are. This is a simple task on an easy level, but there are different levels of difficulty in the game. The application has options from 2 to 8 pairs of candy trays.

Many adults and children alike love setting new records, because this game is timed to complete. You can enter the gold board if you are one of the fastest to complete the task.

Thanks to Dalgona Memory, children will learn to distinguish and compare shapes, highlighting the main differences. They can develop logical thinking, memory, and concentration. And adults can have fun while playing games in their free time.

There are various and unique play levels ready. You can set the time to find the candy tray. There are also many game modes here. You can play alone, with friends or with anyone from all over the world.

The way to play is very simple. You just need to use the mouse to click on the lid of the tray to open the candy tray. If not a pair, the lid closes on its own. If it's a pair, they'll be taken out. You can record your achievements on the leaderboard. If you accidentally forget the position of the drawing, you can use help. This game can be played on any device.

How to play Dalgona Memory

Use the mouse or touch the screen to open the candy tray lid.

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