Squid Challenge

Play Squid Challenge - This game is your chance to compete with many people around the world. There is no chance for you to feel sad and lonely. Get ready to enter the world of childish games but extremely strange and scary.

Squid Challenge gives you a great experience.

This game impresses players with its vivid and beautiful graphics. Moving characters is extremely easy. This game is also suitable for low or high-configuration devices. There is nothing left to hesitate to join this game. Try to overcome all challenges and bring victory.

How to play Squid Challenge

Red Light, Green Light is the first game in which players must participate. The rules of the game are as follows, when the big doll stands face down against the tree above the field and shout the Green Light, the player can freely move. However, after singing, it will shout the Red Light and turn its head to look, at this time the player is forced to pretend to be motionless, if he moves or breaks the rules, he will be disqualified and shot by the pink soldiers.

In addition, the rhythm of the doll's lyrics will be different to gradually increase the difficulty. The closer to the doll, the faster the singing speed will be. You need to run very carefully and quickly reach the finish line.

Honeycomb-cutting, the second game in Squid Challenge is inspired by Korean street food for kids. In the past, this sugar-based dish was very popular. In which each player will be given a prefabricated candy box and a needle. You will randomly choose one of four boxes. You can choose between a triangle, a circle, a star, or an umbrella. Your task now is to separate the candy in the mold within 2 minutes. Players who fail to split or break during splitting will be disqualified immediately.

After passing two levels, you will come to the game of tug of war. It is not only popular in Korea but most countries have it. However, this game has been modified, in turn, each team of 10 members competes against each other on the high bridge. You will use the mouse to repeatedly click on the screen to pull the rope. The faster you press, the greater your power. Victory will come easier if your teammates are also active.

In this 4th game, players will be playing against any person around the world and each player is given 10 marbles. The rules of the game stipulate that the member who takes all 10 marbles from the opponent's hand without using force will win. Two people will take turns throwing marbles into a hole, whoever can throw it will get all the marbles lying on the ground. If you can't complete the mission then you have to start the game from the beginning.

For the glass bridge game, players in turn have to step over a bridge consisting of 2 parallel paths overhead, one side is fragile glass and the other is tempered glass that can withstand the weight of 2 people. The player's task is to distinguish these two glasses to keep alive after jumping over 18 glass panes. If you are the last, your chances of winning will be higher because the previous ones have found the tempered glass. At that time, you just need to remember their steps and follow them to win.


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