Santa Adventure

Santa Adventure is a holiday-themed game that has been created to provide your kids with hours of fun around the Christmas season! Santa is on his way to delivering presents to all the good boys and girls, but he needs a little help. He can't quite remember where all the houses are, so he needs you to collect the gifts and place them under Christmas trees for him. This app is a wonderful way of spending quality time with your children during this festive season, as well as being a great learning experience for them, as it teaches them about letters, numbers and

Santa Adventure is an HTML5 game. It is a little different from most of the other games because it takes place at Christmas time. In this game, you have to collect all the gifts and deliver them to the children. You will have fun driving Santa's sleigh, delivering gifts, and playing with elves in this new Christmas-themed

Put on your winter clothes, get in the sleigh and help Santa deliver all the presents to the kids! Get ready for a great adventure in this fun holiday-themed game. Help Santa collect as many presents as possible by riding through the air and avoiding obstacles. Collect power-ups or buy upgrades between rounds to make your sleigh go faster, jump higher, and be more powerful so you can collect even more presents than before! See how many presents you can deliver before time runs

How to play Santa Adventure

Use the control keys to move the character. You can jump when pressing the spacebar.

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