Squid Game Escape Plan

Play Squid Game Escape Plan - Use your wits to rescue people who are stranded on an island. They are being forced to participate in scary games. Make a plan to escape from this place without being detected by the pink soldiers.

Surely there is no one who does not know the games in the movie squid game. It has created a worldwide trend. Games inspired by the movie are also constantly being produced and released.

Participants are those who are selected according to a criterion. That is, they are all poor and need a large amount of money to sustain their lives. While they felt most desperate, the organizers persuaded them to participate in a dangerous and cruel game but in return, they would win a huge amount of money if they were the winner. That amount of money is so overwhelming that all the invitees agree to participate even though they don't know what awaits them in the future.

Why is Squid Game Escape Plan fantastic?

As soon as the players entered the first game they started to panic. It's a game of red light, green light. This is a children's game and its rules remain unchanged. But what scares everyone is the doll. It is the administrator and also the one who gives punishment to the violators.

Because the game was so difficult and scary, some people didn't want to continue playing. Although the reward is great, they cannot defy everything. Because the number of people who want to continue to stay is too large, those who want to leave will not be able to go home normally. It had put together a detailed plan to get out of here. And now the game begins. You will become a guide and find ways to bring them home safely. The place where the game is held is a deserted island and it's extremely large. Security here is very strict, so to be able to successfully leave here you have to pass a lot of gates.

The traps are located everywhere. You need to move skillfully and quickly so as not to be discovered by the pink soldiers. They will often go around to check, so you also need to hide carefully. You will use the mouse to draw the path for the characters. After you have drawn the path, you will choose each person to move to the destination. If you pass all 40 levels of the game, you will rescue everyone and win. Try not to leave anyone unattended and undetected.

Tips to help you win Squid Game Escape Plan faster is to find the right way to overcome each obstacle. Firstly, you should draw the shortest path to the destination. The purpose of this is to save your travel time. Secondly, you should draw accurately and should not draw near the traps. It can make you lose. Finally, When the first person has passed safely, you should click quickly on the next people to move faster.

How to play Squid Game Escape Plan

Use the left mouse button or touch the screen to create a path.

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