Squid Game Sniper

Play Squid Game Sniper - No longer a player looking for a cash prize, you now have to rob the blue shirt players of their chances of winning. Be the best shooter in the game and win with a high score.

All the participating players were poor. They agreed to participate in a survival battle without knowing it. The prize for the final winner of the tournament is a huge amount of money. That money can help them pay off debts, buy things... Therefore, everyone accepts to participate even though it's scary.

Some differences in Squid Game Sniper.

Make sure you understand the rules of the green light, red light game and have participated in the games on our website. As before, you will play the characters in the movie. You have to move carefully and quickly to the finish line. At the same time, you also need to stop at the right time to avoid being detected by the doll. When it turns around and you are still moving, you will be shot by the red soldier. But this time there will be a big change. Instead of being the person playing the game and being scared of the doll, now the players have to be scared of you.


How to play Squid Game Sniper

A lot of players from all over the world will participate in the race. They wear green suits. They are here to win prizes. You will not stand under the playing field but will aim to shoot from above. In your hand is a specialized sniper rifle. You will carefully observe the people below. Since the distance is very far, the game requires you to have excellent aiming skills. If you are a newbie, you can use the on-screen marker.

The doll will say red light. According to the rules of the Squid Game Sniper, all players must stop. Almost all the participants will do so but a few make a move. Now is the time to show off your skills. The game will mark the people moving with that colored arrow. You need to adjust your mouse to shoot at the marked people.

You use the left mouse button to pull the trigger and the right mouse button to zoom in or out of the screen. If you are confident in your sniper ability then you can challenge yourself by not zooming in on the screen. But in case you are a newbie, we have a magnifying glass available for you. We want to remind you of one important thing that you must not shoot the wrong person. If you shoot the wrong person who is stopping you will lose points. You need to have a relatively large score to pass the level. So you need to be careful and meticulous. Shoot accurately within the allotted time.

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