Squid Game : Tug Of War

Play Squid Game : Tug Of War - Can you survive a tense tug of war? The important elements in this game are strategy, timing, and fast pulling. Get ready to compete with players around the world and become the ultimate winner.

This game is inspired by a famous movie that tells the story of 456 players who defied to join the survival game. Huge prizes will be given to the ultimate winner.

A special feature is that each part is played with familiar games for children such as squid games; traffic lights; Tug; crossing the bridge… However, it's not all just an ordinary child's game. It's a lot scarier and weirder.

If won, the player can win a huge amount of money. Conversely, if the challenge fails, the player must pay with his life.

Tug of war is the scariest game and requires the most player skill. If in real life you need to have great strength, here you don't need that much.

Tips for Squid Game : Tug Of War.

The game is very fast-paced and competitive. It gives you a thrilling and exciting feeling. You can play with your friends or be challenged by a random opponent we find around the world.

Do you want to be the ultimate winner? It takes a few tricks to do that. The most important thing is your quickness. You need to press repeatedly to pull the rope. Take advantage of times when your opponent is absent-minded to win.

You have to face many types of opponents. You can win easily or lose quickly. Remember that strong or weak opponents have weaknesses. Take advantage of that and choose the most suitable strategy.

How to play Squid Game : Tug Of War

The key to getting the fastest win is your quickness. The rules of the game have not changed much compared to the real-life version and exactly simulate the version in the movie.

Instead of a team of ten that will compete at the same time, each turn will be three people. Two teams stand on a plank on either side of the tower. In between the two teams will be a cutter. When the team is weak and crosses the line, this machine will automatically cut the rope. This causes members of the losing team to fall to the base of the tower.

There are two game modes in Squid Game : Tug Of War. It is playing alone or playing with friends. If you play alone we will find you a worthy opponent. If you play with friends, each person will have their own team. You will use the W key and the up arrow to pull the rope towards you.

In this game, collecting bonus points will be your task. If you win, you will be awarded a star, but if you lose, you will not get points but also lose some members of your team.

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