Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Squid Squad Mission Revenge - An adventure is underway. Join and destroy all the pink soldiers you come across on the way. A diverse collection of guns is available for you to choose from and start the fight.

If you are a movie lover, you must have seen the famous squid game movie from Korea. The movie simulates children's games but makes it a lot scarier than in real life.

In addition to the players who participated because they won a huge cash prize, viewers also noticed the pink soldiers. They work according to the deviation of the master. Their job is to guide the player and more specifically and shoot immediately if the player breaks the rules or loses. This character seems to have no emotions and only acts on command. That made many viewers feel dissatisfied.

It will create a new world different from the movie. You will play as a hero to explore the world. Your opponent will be the pink soldiers. They are everywhere, so you need to observe carefully and not be subjective. Your aiming ability will be used to the maximum.

Exciting features in Squid Squad Mission Revenge.

The gameplay is very simple, but you cannot easily conquer all levels. Shooting never ends with more than 100 levels. You will have to use your maximum ability to pass.

Another plus point for this game is the beautiful graphics and vivid sound. You will be surprised to see the gun collection. There are different types of guns available here.

After completing each level, you will be awarded points to upgrade your collection. Everything here is for you to enjoy while playing the game. Let's conquer all levels with your friends.

How to play Squid Squad Mission Revenge

You will experience the real shooting feeling in this game. Use the navigation keys to move the character. To shoot you use the mouse. Activate your fingers and brain to move, dodge, and shoot accurately. Exciting and thrilling challenges are waiting for you to conquer.

Ingenuity and precision are the keys to success. In addition, you need to constantly upgrade the weapons you have to increase your strength. Then your movement speed or shooting ability will be greatly improved.

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