Play SquidGame - The game accurately simulates what happens in the squid game movie that is creating a huge wave in the art world. Players will be transformed into characters and participate in challenging survival games and head to head against other rivals. It will give you a chance to experience a real-life "Squid Game," full of drama and suspense. To complete all levels, you'll require a wide range of abilities. The gameplay is simple, but are you sure you can pass all the challenges of the game?

SquidGame is based on a famous movie.

Thanks to its gripping and frightening story, Squid Game was an instant hit on Netflix. As word of mouth spread, people from all around the world tuned in to watch the Korean series. Squid game is set in a world where participants must compete in a mortal game for a reward worth tens of billions of won.

You'll have to accomplish challenges based on childhood activities that appear to be for children but are actually deadly due to an adult's cruelty. Inspired by this, a hit of NetFlix, SquidGame was launched to bring the most realistic feeling to players. Not only are the players entertained, but they also get a view into Korean culture through childhood games such as red light green light, marbles, honeycomb cutting, and tug of war. If you are looking for a game that is easy to play but still gives a thrilling feeling, you can not ignore it

There, you will not participate in the challenge alone but will have to compete with hundreds of other players. To reach victory you need to pass each mission skillfully and also means defeating all your direct competitors. If unfortunately you break the rules or do not complete the game, you will get shot by the soldiers and end the game there.

SquidGame has vividly recreated simple but extremely fierce games in that movie. It has some features like beautiful graphics, diverse game screens but still sticks to the original, crickets are getting used to, but they do take a great deal of talent. The challenges will get harder and harder with each level. If you're a fan of the cult series, you won't be able to overlook this gentle game but still, do a great job of recreating a bloody mortal game based on these children's games.

How to play SquidGame

Use the mouse or touch the screen to control your character and overcome the challenges in SquidGame

For the first game, move the mouse to get your character to reach the finish line as fast as you can but don’t rush. The doll that's standing faces a tree while the rest of the players line up on the other end. When the doll chants the 10-syllable phrase, the players are free to move at this moment. Stop as soon as the doll says red light and move without hesitation when it says green light. If you are found moving at a red light, you will be shot by soldiers immediately. Therefore, be careful moving forward within the set time. Speed is not everything to win the game so make every action with caution.

The most crucial aspect of the second game is dexterity. Dalgona candy has never been easy for those in a hurry to move cleverly your mouse to follow the crack on the candy. If you break the candy or you're not done when the alarm goes off you will be killed and lose the game. Furthermore, using any form of device is considered cheating.

In the third game, divide into two teams and place them on opposing ends of a rope. Draw a line down the middle and have each team pull on the rope until one side of the line is crossed. Power is emphasized. There is a technique to go through this level quickly is to have a strong team. Let’s gather the people with the best strength and form a team to fight. But if you can't get a team with great power, don't worry, then the right strategy will help you through.

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