Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Super Friday Night Squid Challenge - Welcome to the fun and exciting concert. You will be spoiled for singing and dancing with many different genres of music. Show everyone what a talented singer you are.

This game is a combination of a fun music game and a popular movie. The characters in the movie will participate in a dance competition with countless songs. You will be immersed in the dreamy and cute music world.

Your task is to dance to the right rhythm and complete all levels with the highest score. Content with step-by-step instructions is continuously displayed on your screen. Catch them as quickly as possible with the right press and joystick.

This fun and eye-catching graphics system will make you unable to take your eyes off. Sound is also a highlight of the game. You can choose songs according to your preferences. Be a talented singer with the highest score.

How to play Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Follow the on-screen instructions to use the navigation keys.

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