Survive The Glass Bridge

Play Survive The Glass Bridge - Are you lucky enough to choose safety glass? A scary glass bridge awaits you in this game. Each pane of glass is hiding something special. Use your time and judgment to win the biggest prize.

Squid Game's scary games are the element that makes the movie more thrilling, unpredictable, and dangerous than ever. The main character's life is also "thousands of pounds hanging by a hair" when entering each game. Sometimes, luck is the only factor that helps a player to win.

No one is unaware of this famous movie. Childhood games have never been so scary. The game that leaves the most impression on viewers is probably the glass bridge. This is a game of chance and it is very difficult to win on the first try.

The difference of Survive The Glass Bridge.

This game is a new level. Instead of having sixteen players join you, you now have to fight alone. The bridge is designed at the top. It connects two towers and has no railing. There are many glass panels and are divided equally into both sides.

They can choose between two panes of glass at each step. One side will be safety tempered glass, the other side will be normal glass. If you step on normal glass, the glass will break and the player will immediately fall into the cliff, instantly killed.

The special thing about the bridge lies in the square glass panels. Half of those glass panels are made of tempered glass. You will be safe standing on it. But if you accidentally step on ordinary glass, it will break immediately. As a result, you will fall down and lose. The chances of passing the game are very low that requires your ability to memorize for later playthroughs.

Time and the ability to remember are the most important keys to open the door to your success. Take the time, don't hesitate too long, and choose the right strategy.

Tension awaits you in this survival game. Survive alone and win. You can share this game with your friends to see who is the fastest to the finish line. Don't be afraid to move forward.

Survive The Glass Bridge will also impress you with something else. It's impressive 3D graphics and sounds. The sound is so animated that you are in the game in real life. You won't be able to take your eyes off this game. Although it has vivid images, it is not very demanding on the device's configuration. You can comfortably join the game with any device with a network.

Compete with your friends to see who is the luckiest and can pass the game quickly.

How to play Survive The Glass Bridge

Use W,A,S,D, or Arrow keys to control the character. Press Space to jump.

Move the mouse to see around.

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